As of Release 3.7, Passport Custodians, APMU and Experts can exchange documents or comments directly in ADAMS. This is feasible from the Biological Passport Pages using the APMU and Expert Documents tabs below the table.


Making the tabs available to the Passport Custodian

The access to the Biological Passport documents to the Passport Custodian is enabled by the APMU report submission.
Should an APMU need documents from the passport custodian, they need to submit the APMU report at least once:

  1. Access the Passport
  2. Click Expert Report
  3. Enter a comment and recommendation (“Further data required”)
  4. Click Submit.


Adding document to one of the tabs:
Note: Experts only have access to the “Documents for Experts” tab.

  1. Access the Passport
  2. Open the relevant tab
  3. Click Add activity
  4. Enter a Subject and the Details of the request (you can also add attachments)
  5. Save
  6. This activity becomes available to other users.