TUEs (formerly Standard TUE) are used for substances that are not pre-approved by an ADO or WADA. 

Applying for a TUE

1. Go the file tree section.

2. Select TUE from the New drop down list.

3. Complete all required fields (with *): see the Fields descriptions below for more details:

I. Verify your sport/discipline

II. Select the Sporting Organization from the pick list. Enter the first 3 letters and press on the magnifying glass. This is the organization to which you are submitting the TUE.

III. You may select your level (National and/or International), and indicate if the TUE is applicable for a substance that is prohibited in-competition only, or at all times.

IV. You may specify the event under Next competition and Date if it is relevant

V. If this TUE application is retroactive, i.e. if the treatment started prior to the application date due to specific circumstances, it is important to indicate it in the Retroactive Application section:

    1. Click “This is a retroactive application”.
    2. Enter the treatment start date.
    3. Select at least one of the reasons why the treatment already started, or enter the reason in the Other field.

VI. Information about your physician: fill in the Medical Practitioner's Last Name, First Name, Qualification & Medical Specialty, Address, Country, Region, Telephone and email address. Provide at least one telephone number. [Your sporting organization has the option to make certain fields mandatory – first/last name, country, city, telephone work]

VII. Medical information:

a. Pick a diagnosis in the Diagnosis drop-down list (the most common diagnosis are listed.) If your diagnosis is not in the list, pick “Other, please specify”, select a Diagnosis Class, then enter the diagnosis in the Diagnosis description field.

b. Enter the Medical exams/test performed and any additional information.

VIII. Specify the medication:

a. Fill in the Specific name of drug, frequency of administration.

b. Fill in the relevant Prohibited Substance. Fill in at least 3 characters of the prohibited substance name and search for the relevant substance from a database by clicking on the magnifying glass.

c. Fill in the dosage and select the unit

d. Select the route of administration

e. Enter an expiry date (expiry dates are per medication)

f. Under Conditions and comments indicate any

IX. You may attach any file or scanned document containing your medical information: enter a title and description for the document, click the Browse button and select the file to be attached.


X. Fill in any other available information.

4. Review the Athlete’s Declaration by clicking the link at the bottom of the form, then click the checkbox next to it to indicate that you agree to the terms it contains.

5. Submit your TUE electronically by clicking on the Submit Application button. Once submitted, the sporting organization automatically receives a notification of your TUE submission. You may also use the Save button to complete your TUE later.

6. You can use the Generate Application Form button to print out a completed hard copy of your application after you have submitted electronically.

[As long as the status is not Approved, Rejected or Cancelled]

7. At any time you can view the status of your application by selecting the TUE from your athlete tree on the left side of the screen. [Edit is only possible as long as the status of your TUE is Not Submitted or Incomplete].


8. When the TUE has had its status changed to Approved, you will be offered the option to generate a TUE Receipt hard copy.

Clicking the Generate TUE Receipt button will invoke a PDF file within the work area of the system. This can be printed by clicking the PDF Printer icon.