• point 7: confirmation of microbial contamination markers and confounding factors
  • point 8: Labs will have to indicate whether the TA approved or not the suspicious confirmation procedure request: this information is mandatory under certain conditions

The "Lab confirmation procedure" notification is sent to the relevant Laboratory when an ATPF Confirmation Procedure request or a Suspicious Confirmation Procedure request is required as per TD2016EAAS
Possible recipients are:

Ensure that it is added to all relevant users. The notification includes a link to the Laboratory result and the Sample code.

To report the results of the Confirmation Procedure there is no need ask the Testing Authority to unlock the result:

  1. Search for the lab result
  2. Click Edit
  3. Check the GC/C/IRMS option and select the relevant result
  4. Update the Analysis Details/Explanation/Opinion field
  5. Save
  6. Return to the read mode
  7. In the Steroid Profile Variables section, Click "Confirm"

    A confirmation can be performed for:

    Specific gravity: mandatory for samples with a date received after 1 Jan 2016

    Microbial contamination markers: confirmed values can be entered for 5aAND/A and 5bAND/Etio (these are mandatory for the confirmation for samples with a date received after 1 Jan 2016); the Free T/total T is not-mandatory

    Confounding factors: it is mandatory for those Confounding factors where the initial value was set to Yes (present), and if the sample has a date received after 1 Jan 2016

    Steroid profile variables (existing functionality): at least one variable has to be confirmed as well as its corresponding uncertainty

  8. For samples that triggered a SSP confirmation procedure request notification, it is mandatory to indicate whether the Testing authority has approved the confirmation procedure or not. And if not, a reason must be provided
  9. Save
  10. The Passport Custodian APMU and Testing Authority are automatically notified of the new data.


Note: you can also use the Batch Update module to confirm multiple results.

The "Lab confirmation procedure request" notifications will not be sent to any user (TA, APMU, Passport Custodian and Analyzing lab) when the submitted lab result includes an IRMS analysis type.