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Service providers are a different type of organization in ADAMS. They share most of the concepts of regular organizations:

  • They have their own users, including administrator(s).
  • They can define business roles for their users.

However, they work solely in the name of other organizations for which they have contracts with (e.g. their customers).

Before a service provider user can login, the organization must first be created and properly configured by the ADAMS administrator.

Then the source organization administrator must create a contract with the service provider. They must specify which record types the service provider can manage on their behalf, as well as which athletes they will have access to.

Please refer to Appendix C for information on service provider configuration.

Once the contract has been set up the service provider user can then log into ADAMS. If the user of the service provider manages multiple contracts, they will have to select the contract they are working for after the login page.

The user will have different rights and access depending on which contract they are working for.

Service providers may manage the following:

  • Athlete Profile Management
  • Whereabouts
  • Test planning, collection, and management
  • TUE administration

Please refer to Appendix D for exact roles that are given to the service provider.

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