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This section describes a Batch Update function that will allow Labs to apply updates to previously created BPLRs residing in ADAMS, through a CSV batch file.

The CSV file format to be used is based on the file format currently operational for the Import of BPLRs. The procedure and working of the Batch BPLR Update function is very similar to that of the Batch Import function (acknowledgement, posting, error-handling, etc).

As for the data content in the input file, Labs may limit the data they provide in the file to the particular updates they want to enforce upon the data recorded in the database. There will be no need to specify all BPLR sample data as it is stored in the database, just the updated values.

The user right to perform the Batch BPLR Update is not by default assigned to any user access role, and needs to be configured specifically. This can be done in the Admin section (User Role Management) by creating a new role, thereby including the user right BP lab results Updater, and assigning this role to the desired user account profile (see the User Guide Administrators, section User Role Management).

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