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An atypical finding (ATF) is reported by a laboratory through a lab result to indicate that, while there may not be an adverse analytical finding, there may be some suspicion according to the results and that further analysis or investigation should be conducted.

Like the AAF, the ATF is a temporary step in the management of a Lab Result. The support of the ATF in ADAMS is very similar to the AAF. These two entities mostly differ by their status and permit organizations to take action using pages which are similar.

An ATF record is created when a DCF is matched to a submitted lab result with the test result of ATF. The record is then accessible through the athlete's medical tree under the ATF branch. Since ADAMS creates ATF's automatically they are only available to edit.

Once the further investigation on the ATF is completed, the user may alter the status of the ATF record into a more conclusive one.

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