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It is possible to extract your results data out of the ADAMS database, to compile your statistics or to perform advanced searches on your data. Furthermore, there are provisions in ADAMS to export your selected data in different data file-formats (CSV, XML etc.) into your LIMS or into another information system.

1.Go to the Reports section on the Homepage

2.Select the Lab Result Report, specify an optional Report title and sub-title

3.Choose under the Desired columns the columns you would like to see displayed in your report

4.In the Filter section you will be able to set filters, e.g. Sample type = Urine, Status = Submitted, and Test results = Negative or Test results = AAF

5. Under Format select the report format in which the generated output of your extraction needs to appear (Grid is default).

In case you would like to Export the data into a file, then select the type of file you would like to save your file as (CSV, XML, or PDF). This file you may eventually want to upload into your LIMS or into another information system

6. Check the box Unlimited report in the right top corner of the page to make sure that all records are returned (no limit restriction).

7. Click the View report-button, to produce the output in the desired format.

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