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1.Search for the lab result you wish to edit. (Refer to the Searching section above).

2.Select the relevant lab result.

3. Click on the Edit button. The Lab result page will reload in Edit Mode.

4. Make any changes. If you change the Test Result or Status, fill in the reason for the change in their respective text boxes. Note that all submitted results are part of the permanent ADAMS record. The functionality exists to edit any submitted result but all edits will be recorded with an audit trail (i.e. data cannot be deleted, but may be updated). The Activities tab records and displays all changes, when and by whom.

5. Click on the Save button to post the edited result.

 What information in my result record is still editable even after my submission?

Unless the status of the record is 'Cancelled', it is always possible to modify or correct data.

Once the lab result is (partially) submitted by the lab, everything in the lab result is still editable by the lab until the lab result gets matched with a DCF that exists in ADAMS with the same sample code/type.
Once submitted and matched, the lab result record is partially locked, only allowing more details to be added, yet not to remove or to modify existing data. If you click the Edit-button on the top of the page you will find that particular fields are open to input. To be precise, the following additions are possible in that case:

    • If "specific gravity" / "PH" / "Screen T/E Ratio" fields for a urine sample do not have a value, it is possible to set one. Then they are locked.
    • New substance can be added;
    • New metabolite can be added;
    • New monitored substances can be added;
    • Analysis details/Explanation/opinion is Editable
    • Add an analysis (but not remove);
    • New screening results can be added;
    • IRMS checkboxes can be changed;
    • New activities can be added;
    • "Send results to: " list of organization is not locked. So the user can add/remove organizations into this list, even if matched (warning messages are displayed on submission).

In the case the result was Partially submitted and matched ALSO:

    • Analysis details/Explanation/opinion is Editable
    • Details concerning finding is Editable

When the result status changes from Partially Submitted to Submitted these comments are included in the Activity entry created in the Activities tab
If there is a need to modify/remove existing details, then the relevant TA for your sample has to be contacted. The TA is in the position to 'break' the match (the TA actually should go to the DCF of the athlete, clicking on the Result at the bottom of the page, click on No –Reject Match). Hereafter you as a lab will be able to apply the adjustments in the result record, Save and re-submit it.

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