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As long as you enter the required whereabouts information, including the 60-minute time slot for each day of the quarter (see the "Entering whereabouts" section), you can view all the entries for the correspondent days displayed in the calendar.

Modifications: Entries can be deleted or updated at any time (except for past dates). Just select the entry you want to modify and click "edit"; make the required change and save. The modified entries will appear with an orange exclamation mark icon

If the modification is made the same day of the occurrence, then the exclamation mark icon will be red.

All updates done to the calendar will become effective immediately. The status of the quarter is updated accordingly:

  • Updated: Calendar status following the initial submission. It indicates that all modifications are compliant with the whereabouts requirements.
  • Non-Compliant: Calendar status following the initial submission. It indicates that the calendar is not compliant with the whereabouts requirements.




Team Whereabouts

Accepting / Rejecting Team Whereabouts

Whereabouts entries proposed by a team manager are automatically accepted unless you explicitly reject them [you will be notified whenever a team whereabouts entry is proposed in your calendar].

Team entries are preceded by "T-" in the calendar.

To edit or reject the whereabouts entries entered by a team manager, click on the entry and select "edit" or "reject". If you choose "reject", you will be asked to confirm.


One Hour Timeslot

It is now possible for you as an athlete to specify a 60-minute time slot for team entries. Simply click the team entry on the athlete calendar and then click edit entry details on the popup.

The entry pop-up will be displayed, but only the one-hour timeslot checkbox and one-hour start time fields are editable.

The rules remain the same as regular entries:

  • The 1-hour timeslot must be within the start and end time of the entry
  • The 1-hour timeslot must be between 5AM and 11PM

These rules are validated by the system when the whereabouts for the quarter are subsequently submitted.

Overnight Accommodation Entries

Team overnight accommodation entries are now counted towards the "one overnight accommodation per day" rule when submitting whereabouts.

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