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To view or edit your profile information: 

1. Click My Profile

2. Review your profile or modify your contact details by clicking on the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen


  • These sections cannot be edited:


  • These sections can be edited:

3. Click upload photo to add a photo to your profile: image files should not exceed 1 MB in size and must be of type gif, jpeg, jpg or png.

4. Click add phone number to enter a new phone number to your profile, and then select the type from the drop-down box.

5. Enter you contact e-mail address: (the 'E-mail' button redirects you to e.g. MS-Outlook). Entering an email address in your ADAMS profile serves two purposes:

a. Should you experience problems with your ADAMS password, you can ask ADAMS to send you a temporary password to the email address in your profile. This is done through the Forgot Password link on the ADAMS login page.

b. Every time a notification is sent to you in ADAMS (for example following your whereabouts submission, or TUE approval, etc.), you can ask ADAMS to send you an email at this address. See the section on Email Notifications in this guide for more details.

6. The mailing address is the place where you are certain that any mail will be brought to your attention immediately and it is used by you Anti-Doping Organization to contact you whenever necessary, including for whereabouts purposes.

  • Select the type of address you are about to enter from the Type drop down list.
  • Enter a description of the address you are adding, and then complete the form with the relevant address information.
  • The country and region fields are drop down pick lists that you select from.
  • Click the Save button for the address form

7. Click the Save button for the page, there is one located at both the bottom and the top of the demographic page for your convenience.

To enable your phone number for SMS use, see Activating SMS.

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