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When the uploaded temp logger file contains an error, the Testing Authority (TA) and the APMU of the related sample will be notified.
The followings errors can generate a notification:

  • If there are any temperature value less than 0°C
  • All temperature values are >= 0, but any value is greater than 50°C.
  • If at any point, there isn't one line per minute. 
  • All values are within 0-50°C, but the first recorded temperature time is after or equal to the sample collection date and time. 
  • All values are within 0-50°C, but the data logger stop date and time (last recorded date time temperature) precedes the time of reception".

The notification will be sent with the following details:

  • Sender: the user who generates the activity that triggered the notification
  • Recipients: TA and APMU users who have their account configured to receive the notification type "New Data Logger Uploaded".
  • Reference Link: Link to the DCF
  • Content: The description of the BSS status or uploaded temp logger file

To receive the notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Login with the administrator account;
  2. Select "User account Management";
  3. Search for the relevant account and go in the "user account info";
  4. Add the notification "New Data Logger Uploaded" and save.
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