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New columns on the hematological passport page
In the hematological passport page of an athlete, two new columns are added. The user can display them by clicking on the button "configure displayed columns":

  • BSS (Blood Stability Score) value is displayed if calculated (showed as an integer, value rounded to the nearest integer). If not calculated for any reason (Example: temp logger not found), the value "N/A" is displayed.

  • Temp Logger ID associated to the sample is displayed.

In addition, the "Delay" column label is now renamed to CAT (h) which stands for "Collection to Analysis Time" in hours. The value is the difference in hours between the DCF collection date/time and the BPLR analysis date/time taking into account any time zone differences The value is displayed as an integer, rounded up to the nearest integer.

Temperature Profile
By clicking on the BSS value hyperlink (available only if there is a matching temp logger file), a new window opens with a graph containing the temp profile over time.  
The graph shows time in X-axis and temperature in Y-axis. When BSS calculation is successful, the bottom of the chart shows the calculated value.
On the other hand, when the BSS cannot be calculated as the data was not valid, the bottom of the chart shows the all the validation errors encountered as shown in the image below. 

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