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In the DCF page, for all samples of type "blood passport", the following options will be displayed as shown in the screen below:

  • Temp Logger ID: a non -mandatory free text field to record the temperature logger ID associated to the sample code. When a DCF is associated with a CoC, "Temp logger ID" must be the same.
  • Time zone and offset: the time zone of the location where the sample has been collected.
  • An option "Apply to all BPLR": when a Doping Control Form contains multiple blood passport samples, users have the option of apply the content of one "Temp Logger ID" field to all blood passport samples.
  • Temp Logger status: is a not editable field. Its value depends on whether a match has been found between the DCF's sample and a temp logger file. The Temp Logger status field of a sample in a DCF can have the following values:
  • No match found 
  • Matched
  • Multiple logger found

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