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  1. Create a mission order or a test (see online help if necessary)
  2. Create DCFs (see DCF online help) with a urine Sample type
    1. And change the status of the DCF to "complete Samples collected".
  3. Laboratory submits Urine Lab Result with (unadjusted) steroid variables and validity.
    1. Note that the validity field in the lab result is mandatory.
  4. Once matched the Athlete steroidal passport is automatically calculated based on the Athlete's Passport Custodian's specificity.
    1. The Sample validity is mandatory and can be modified on the DCF by either the Passport Custodian's APMU or the Testing Authority responsible for the test.
    2. At this point the steroid result notification is sent to the Passport Custodian, its steroidal APMU and the Testing Authority.
  5. Steroidal APMU assigns expert(s) for review
    1. Open passport
      Click Expert report
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    2. Click Assign Expert (expert account must be created prior to this operation) and select the expert. Newly assigned experts are automatically notified.

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          6. Expert submits report.


    1. Login as an expert
    2. Search for a passport or open your notifications and click on the link
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    3. Select the passport
    4. Click Expert Report on the passport page
    5. Experts can enter comments in the Comments section and select a recommendation. The reports can be saved as a draft by clicking Save or submitted directly to the APMU by clicking Submit.
       APMU user can only access submitted reports. 
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                  f. APMU is notified of report submission


    1. Login as an APMU user
    2. Search for the passport
    3. Click Expert report

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The report could be either saved as a draft or submitted to the Passport Custodian.
APMU users Passport Custodian can also export submitted Expert reports
WADA has access to all passports in ADAMS and is notified when a calculated passport is abnormal a specificity of 99.9%.