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Please note that the Quick DCF is only displayed to users with proper access rights, and only when the status of the Mission Order is Issued, the lead DCO is confirmed, and at least one analysis is defined.

To use the Quick DCF feature:


d. Sample Type, either in-competition or out-of-competition;

e. Date of Test;

f. Athlete Level

g. Testing Authority (TA);

gh. Sample Collection Authority (SCA), and

hi. Lab

You can also click the plus sign (+) next to the athlete name – or to the left of the Show all fields caption – to display additional fields

ij. Time of Collection;

jk. Result Management Authority (RMA);

kl. for urine samples, Volume;

lm. for urine samples, pH;

mn. depending on the sample type, checkboxes corresponding to the type of analyses.