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To add an athlete to ADAMS you need to create a new record for them. When adding an athlete and ADAMS displays possible duplicates, the sport and date of birth of the possible duplicates is displayed.Athlete profiles can be created by Anti-Doping Organizations or their Delegated Third Party. Upon submission of the record, ADAMS will check for possible duplicates and either:

  • Create the record
  • Prevent its creation because of a high probability of duplication. In this case, the list of potential duplicates is displayed for selection by the user; should none of the suggested records correspond to your search, contact the ADAMS team at with the required information to request its creation.
  1. Click the New Person button in the Quick Search area.


IDs: IF, NF and NADO: these IDs are each organization reference number. International federations of an athlete can now edit the IF ID# field of the athlete even if they do not have edit rights on the rest of the page. In this case, only the IF ID# field will be editable. The user can type the ID and then press <Enter> to save it.

Similarly, National Anti-Doping Agencies of an athlete can edit the NADO ID# field in the same way.


d. Date of birth: format dd-mm-yyyy.

The athlete date of birth field became mandatory in Release 3.4. For records created prior to the release, the field will be enforced when the profile is edited by the whereabouts custodian. 

e. Preferred name

f. Former last name: maiden name


j. Disability class: list of disability classes

k. Contact details: athlete contact details: Athlete phone number and email address. The email address must be completed to allow the athlete to use the "forgot password" functionality.

l. Address Mailing information

The address indicated here is the same that will be selected by default in the whereabouts "Mailing Address".