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Anchor_Toc174161190_Toc174161190 Anchor_Toc231702974_Toc231702974Overview
The purpose of this specification is to describe the initial file format that will be used to electronically transfer BPLR findings from WADA-accredited laboratories to the ADAMS system. This is possible in CSV format.

The file transfer format described in this document is meant to specify the minimum amount of information that must be provided by a lab to automatically post results against an anti-doping test recorded in ADAMS.
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This document is written primarily for computer IT personnel providing support to WADA-accredited laboratories. It is also being provided to scientific personnel for comments concerning the data elements which will be required by WADA.

Anchor_Toc174161192_Toc174161192 Anchor_Toc231702976_Toc231702976File Format
A standard CSV file format is defined to allow all laboratories to report BPLR results in a consistent manner.
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Timing of Submission
ADAMS has been designed to accept BPLR records (either manually entered or electronically submitted via CSV file transfer) either before or after the relevant doping control form has been entered. The result matching and verification process will only complete after the DCF is entered.
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Method of Transmission to ADAMS
ADAMS users at laboratories will be provided with user credentials to allow them to upload files containing multiple Biological results. Of course, individual result records can be entered and posted manually on the BPLR-page.
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Posting and Acknowledgement of Results
After a file containing a batch of BPLR results is uploaded, screened, and accepted by ADAMS, ADAMS will display a screen containing a summary of the records uploaded. The user is then expected to review the summary and accept (Post) the results into ADAMS, so that they are made available to all relevant parties.
The user may elect to print this summary screen from the browser as an acknowledgement of the transmission.
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Error Handling
ADAMS will carefully screen each record uploaded in a file. If an error occurred during the processing of one line of the CSV file, the summary screen will display the error so that it may be corrected and the file re-transmitted. All other records will be imported.

CSV-file: The first record of the CSV-file (line 0) is reserved for column titles that should exactly match the prescribed spelling (see tables below). Otherwise errors will be displayed. Error messages pertaining to the content will tell on which line (>0) the value for which column is wrong or missing. Duplication of the sample code (for the same sample type) is checked. Only a sample record that causes an error will be rejected. The remainder of the file will still be accepted.
_Toc174161197 Anchor_Toc231702981_Toc231702981Biological Result Data Elements
This section will describe each data element that will be transmitted to ADAMS. Unless otherwise specified, the data element is considered to be mandatory.
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  • CSV file

This file specifies the CSV file import format for BP lab results.  It has been designed to be as simple as possible, with only one line per sample and a minimum set of mandatory data per sample. The sequence of the columns is not relevant. One sample detail record, containing the required information, must be provided for each sample analyzed.

The seven mandatory fields per sample match the fields required in the ADAMS application. The status of each result record is determined by the user action (e.g. POST) taken immediately following import.


(Mandatory columns are in bold)


Column header



Sample Code


This is the identifying number on the sample collection kit. 

The sample code must be unique throughout ADAMS (not just unique within one lab) or the record will be rejected.  Should this happen, the offending entry must be removed from the file and submitted manually.


Sample Type


Only one sample type is supported "blood_passport"


Sample Collection Date


Date of the sample collection (yyyy-MM-dd)


Date Received by Lab


This specifies the date that the sample was received by the laboratory (yyyy-MM-dd)


Testing Authority


This field contains the short-name identifier of the Testing Authority, which is generally the laboratory's customer.  Valid short-name identifiers can be retrieved from the Contact-link in the ADAMS-header.


Sample Collection Authority


This field contains the short-name identifier of the Sample Collection Authority. Valid short-name identifiers can be retrieved from the Contact-link in the ADAMS-header.


Analysis Date


Date and time of the analysis (yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm)

"2009-02-02 14:12"

Test Type


This field is used to indicate whether the sample was collected in- or out-of-competition




This field is used to report the sport of the athlete who contributed the sample.  The WADA sport identifier code must be used in this field, not the sport's name. 




The sport discipline's specific code.






Lab Internal Reference number


The Lab internal reference number (e.g. the client's Id #). Alpha-numeric characters are allowed.




The short code for the Analyser instrument. These short codes are defined by the ADAMS (super) Administrator. Contact WADA for the latest codes.




Possible values: M, F, X (default)


Mission order#


The mission order number. Alpha-numeric characters are allowed.




The code of the country where the sample was collected.




The code of the region – linked to the country - where the sample was collected.




The name of the city (free text) where the sample was collected.


Blood Parameters

<blood parameter specific code>

Blood parameters specific code.


Date format: Please note that if you are using an older version of Excel, the date format may not be shown as yyyy-MM-dd but as dd/MM/yyyy. You can find out the actual values however by opening your CSV-file in Wordpad. So don't be misled by how it is displayed in Excel.

Blood parameters specific code: (contact WADA for the latest)

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