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  ADAMS Release 7 May 2019 - What's new?

  • point 7:
    • Labs are able to specify the Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure) for Urine samples; this field is different from and functionally NOT related to the existing field Confirmed specific gravity that is exclusively associated with the Steroid Profile.
    • The existing field Specific Gravity is renamed into Sample Specific Gravity (Initial Testing Procedure)


titleADAMS Release June 2018
  • point 18: Labs are able to provide the LH-Analysis details for Urine samples


6. Enter a Lab Reference # if desired (e.g. Lab's internal sample code)

7. Complete the mandatory mandatory Sample Specific gravity (Gravity (Initial Testing Procedure) (4 significant digits)Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure), and pH (2 significant digits). (The Validity field is blanked out)

ADAMS Release 7 May 2019:

  • the field Specific gravity is renamed into Sample Specific Gravity (Initial Testing Procedure)
  • the field Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure) is added: when a Urine Lab/EQAS result is Saved in the Submitted or Partially submitted status with a date_received that is equal to or greater than 1 March 2019 with a Test result = AAF/ATF, it is mandatory to provide a value in the field Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure) for that result. In all other cases it is optional to provide a value in the field Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure). This applies to all Urine A/B/B1/B2 samples. 

8. Fill in:

    1. the Date the Samples were received by your laboratory
    2. Sport/discipline
    3. Any other information: Gender; (Test type is by default In-competition);
    4. A specific analysis attribute. Note that in Release 4.1.1 for IRMS further details on Target Compounds and Endogenous Reference Compounds can be provided: