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ADAMS Version 4.1


This ADAMS User Guide was designed to show you how to perform basic functions within ADAMS, step by step, in the most direct way. The individual sections are arranged in a sequence that follows a typical workflow. Throughout this document, we have used fictitious names for all persons in our screen shots and examples. Any resemblance to real persons, living or not, is purely coincidental.Please note, too, that some screen shots may appear different than in your installation due to browser settings and hardware configuration of your computer.

What's New in Release 4.1 ?

  • The “comment” field of the Biological Passport Lab Results is no longer available to athletes
    The comment field of the Biological Passport Lab Results form will no longer be available to athletes.

  • Athlete Biological Passport pages
    • The banner available to APMU and Expert users will also display the athlete age and Passport custodian.
    • Additional fields will be available for selection in the Biological Passport table

  •  Updates to comply with TD2016EAAS

Inline with the TD2016EAAS the following modifications will be implemented and effective as of January 1st 2016:

    • New Steroidal Passport algorithm
      The Steroidal Passport algorithm will be updated to reflect the changes in the TD2016EAAS.

      •  New graph for 5a-diol/E will be added to the steroidal Passport.
      • Criteria for sending the Suspicious Confirmation Procedure request notifications will be updated.
      • The Confirmation Procedure Request notifications will not be sent when a lab result is submitted with an IRMS analysis.

    • Urine Lab Result form updates
      • A warning will be displayed on urine lab results that triggered a confirmation procedure request.
      • Confirmed specific gravity will become mandatory.
      • The concentration of Epitestosterone should be reported as “-2” when the chromatographic peak signal for E cannot be detected (i.e. below the Limit of Detection).

  •  Other updates:
    • The fields “Sample Collection date” and “confirmed specific gravity” will become mandatory for urine lab results submission.
    • The field “Sample Collection date” will be mandatory for blood results submissions.
    • As of January 1st 2016: The name of the analysis attribute GHRF (GHRH/GHS/GHRP)  will be changed  into  GHRF (GHS/GHRP) , and a new attribute GHRF (GHRH) will be added.



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