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titleFuture ADAMS Release - Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure)

Release 7 May 2019: In conformance with the TD2019DL it will be possible to specify the Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure) for Urine samples.

  • For the XML Import/Update file a new tag sampleSpecificGravityCP is added: when a Urine Lab result is imported/updated with a date_received that is equal to or later than 1 March 2019 with a Test result = AAF/ATF, it is mandatory to provide a value for the Sample Specific Gravity (Confirmation Procedure).
  • Note: the new tag sampleSpecificGravityCP different from and functionally NOT related to the existing tag confirmedSpecificGravity which is exclusively associated with the Steroid Profile.

The associated XSD schema is here.