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  1. Expert report

    Expert user type is notified of passport review assignments and can submit their opinion in ADAMS. Expert users can only access the passports that were assigned to them by the APMU. Saving an expert opinion Click on the Expert report on the biological passport page Enter details of the option in the comment field
  2. ABP Expert

    An Expert user type is available in ADAMS. The APMU is responsible to create and manage the accounts of its experts. The experts do only have access to the biological passport page of the Athlete. The Athlete's personal information is not available to the Expert user type. Both steroidal and hematological APMUs have
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  6. ADAMS Getting Started with ABP.doc

    users. Notifications must be correctly setup. The APMU administrator must create APMU and Expert user. Refer to the user guide:  HYPERLINK … account. Use the link in the received notification to access the passport (or use the passport search). View the passport. Assign expert(s). After the expert review
  7. Hematological Passport Setup

    Passport access BP lab result read Passport expert report read and write Definition of notifications: Biological result notification:is sent when new passport values … . If the hematological passport is abnormal for the WADA specificity, then an Atypical Passport Notification is sent to WADA. Hematological expert report: is sent
  8. Complete Steroidal Passport Process Description

    the steroid result notification is sent to the Passport Custodian, its steroidal APMU and the Testing Authority. Steroidal APMU assigns expert(s) for review Open passport Click Expert report Expert Report.jpg Click Assign Expert (expert account must be created prior to this operation) and select the expert. Newly assigned
  9. APMU report

    The APMU report is accessible by clicking "Expert Report" on the biological passport page and consists of the APMU recommendations for intelligent testing (or as agreed with the APMU) and the list of expert opinions. APMU users can assign a maximum of 10 experts and submit their recommendations to the passport
  10. Release 3.7 Summary - ENGLISH.pdf

    will be allowed when viewing the expanded graphs, to display all tests included in the passport. Experts access to previously reviewed passports Hematological and Steroidal experts will be able to view their previously submitted reports and associated passports using the Hematological and Steroidal passport quick search, search