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  1. Searching for an EQAS Result

    1. Go to the 'Search EQAS Result' area. 2. To see all EQAS results accessible by your Laboratory click on the List button. 3. To search for a specific EQAS result from the list there are several types of criteria you can use to search by, as listed below. These criteria get entered in the Search EQAS Results field
  2. EQAS (formerly Proficiency Testing)

    It is possible for lab users to enter the results of EQAS tests into ADAMS. Submitting these results via ADAMS will allow WADA to immediately receive the data as well as report on its results. A new link has been added on the myZone page of lab users to access the EQAS tests of that organization
  3. Entering an EQAS result

    of the sample is after 1 January 2016 1. Click on New EQAS in the search area worddav4a1506d93c582b9c41383f8742f9d1d4.png 2. The EQAS results page will appear … Management Authority is to be added on the Lab pages in ADAMS (Lab result/EQAS/BPLR) as an optional field and the Testing authority as a mandatory field
  4. Appendix C - Reporting Lab Test methods or capabilities

    When reporting a routine/EQAS result in ADAMS, the Labs now have the possibility to indicate the methods that were used when analyzing the sample. The reporting of this information can be done on the Lab results/EQAS page in ADAMS directly or through the use of CSV/XML batch files (routine results only). The general
  5. Release 4.0 Summary - DEC- ENGLISH.pdf

    . This information will be available from the Contact info link in the ADAMS header. ISL art. RMA field Lab result/EQAS/BPLR page In pursuance of the International Standard for Laboratories 2015 (ISL) clause, the field Result Management Authority will be added to the Lab pages in ADAMS (Lab result/EQAS/BPLR
  6. Appendix D - Automatic notifications available to the Lab

    . 6). EQAS Notification When an EQAS lab result is submitted (partially or completely), the reviewers (with assigned "EQAS Notification" type) of the Lab and WADA are notified. WADA can set back a submitted EQAS result to the "partially submitted" status. The notification is sent to WADA users and the lab users who have
  7. ADAMS_3.0_Release_Notes_integrated.pdf

    .........................................................................47 3.6.10 EQAS Instead of Proficiency Test ..........................................................47 3.6.11 Urine Samples Require pH, SG and Screen T/E … as of EQAS findings. Some improvements apply to both types of results (2.6.1, 2.6.2, 2.6.3) whereas others are specific for the Routine samples (2.6.4 2.6.9) and again
  8. 2. Select method from FRONTEND

    On the Lab result/EQAS page the Lab user may indicate the capabilities and methods that were used when analyzing the sample. Select the Capability and method(s) used : worddav25ca70981eb8937b9ee5c171fae2f980.png In the selection list the table will appear of the Lab capabilities/methods with their ISO Code
  9. Appendix A - Description of ADAMS User Rights

    to Create/View/Edit Negative Findings Results Management 51 Organizations Permits org admin to Create/View/Edit National Federations Administration 52 EQAS Permits users to Create/View/Edit EQAS results Lab Results 53 EQAS activity Permits user to Create/View/Edit EQAS activities Lab Results 54 Reports Permits user
  10. WADA_ADAMS_Release_Notes_3.2.pdf

    suspension” date, then the ADRV is deleted 8 years after its creation date TDP Test Distribution Plans are deleted 18 month after their creation date EQAS EQAS