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  1. Lab Result Confirmation Procedure

    point 7: confirmation of microbial contamination markers and confounding factors point 8: Labs will have to indicate whether the TA approved or not the suspicious confirmation procedure request: this information is mandatory under certain conditions The "Lab confirmation procedure" notification is sent to the relevant
  2. Matching Confirmation

    and confirmed and does not require an explicit confirmation. The same applies to a blood passport match: it does not need to be confirmed. However, regardless
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  4. Confirmation procedure questions.jpg

    ADAMS Knowledge Base - English / … / CSV fileNov 13, 2015
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  6. ADAMS Release 4.1.1 Summary.pdf

    confirmation procedure request notification, it is mandatory to indicate whether the Testing authority has approved the confirmation procedure or not. And if not, a reason … – δTC). For the Lab result confirmation procedure the Lab is able to report the confirmed values of the microbial contamination markers, the presence/absence
  7. Release 3.7 Summary - ENGLISH.pdf

    Profile Confirmation Procedure Request notification The "Suspicious Steroid Profile Confirmation Procedure Request" notification will be introduced notification as per conditions given in TD2014EAAS version 2.0. ATPF confirmation procedure request notification when an IRMS analysis is already completed ADAMS Release 3.7
  8. Steroidal Passport Setup

    that there is a high likelihood of doping. Lab Confirmation Procedure:is sent when an ATPF Confirmation Procedure request or a Suspicious Confirmation Procedure request … the Laboratory Confirmation Procedure. APMU: receives a notice when a request for Confirmation Procedure is sent to the analyzing Laboratory and when
  9. Release 4.0.1 Summary - ENGLISH.pdf

    is added  Negative finding: steroidal variables will be added  Sample collection report will include APMU report and lab confirmation procedure information
  10. ADAMS_Release_Notes_2.3_EN.pdf

    have been made for the SMS confirmation process. SMS The Athlete Profile page has been modified to facilitate the SMS activation for mobile telephone numbers … the confirmation process in one click. Previously, the whole page had to be saved in order for the new phone number to take effect first. A new SMS confirmation