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Version ADAMS 4.0

Request your username and password from your ADO.

  • Send an email to your ADO (your Custodian organization) from the email address you recorded on your last whereabouts form

Log into ADAMS on the Internet.


  • Go to
  • Enter your new username and password
  • Click [login]
  • When you log in for the first time, an information form will appear.
    • Read the statement
    • Type your password to indicate your acknowledgment
    • Click [Accept]

Update your Profile and set your Preferences


  • Click [My Profile] for updating your profile if required
  • To set your Preferences click on your name displayed at the right top in the header on the Home page
  • Adjust your Password, select your Language and the first day of your calendar week, and indicate whether you want to receive notifications on your email address (as set in your profile) if desired
  • Your Custodian organisation does not have (view/edit) access to your Whereabouts data that are not submitted, unless you grant the access explicitly by checking the corresponding box
  • Click [Save] to save your modifications

To open your whereabouts session.


  • Click [My whereabouts] on the home page
  • Your main whereabouts page will open up taking you to the Whereabouts Guide which walks you through the steps required to submit your information.

Your Whereabouts Guide

If at any time you wish to leave the guide and begin to enter your whereabouts information, you can click the green Go to Calendar button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can also go to a specific date by clicking the date on the mini three month calendar on the left hand side of this page.

Whereabouts Guide and Mandatory Categories

The steps outlined in the Guide will show you how to use ADAMS to submit your whereabouts and explain each of the requirements.

  • You need to provide a mailing address.
  • You need to provide the full address of where you will be staying overnight at the end of a particular day.
  • You need to provide details of your competition schedule.
  • You need to provide the name and address of each location where you will be training, working or conducting any other regular activity during the quarter.
  • You are required to provide, for each day of the quarter, one specific 60-minute time slot between 05:00 and 23:00 where you will be available and accessible for testing at a specific location.

    As you complete this information, a green check mark will indicate you have completed each section, or will identify what is missing.

Entering location information

  1. Click an existing entry on the calendar (or create a new one by clicking a date in the calendar, or by using the New button in the top right hand corner).
  2. Select an address from the drop-down list, or create one by clicking the New button next to the address field.
  3. In the Edit (or New) Entry pop-up, choose the relevant category (competition, overnight accommodation, etc) and select the start and end time for this location.
  4. If this is an entry that applies to other days as well, you can select the relevant days right away to save time.
  5. You can also attach a 60-minute time slot to a whereabouts entry at the same time.
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat this step for each of the requirements set out in the guide.

    Each new location (address) that you enter will also be stored in your Address Book so that these locations are available to you in the future without re-entering them. They will be accessible by typing the first few letters or from a drop down menu when you add an entry to the calendar.

Populate your calendar

As you add more entries, your calendar will begin to populate with each category highlighted with an icon or colour to illustrate what sort of entry it is.

On the lower left corner of the screen, you will also see a mini-calendar of the quarter. Each date in red indicates a day that is missing some required information.

By placing your cursor over this date, the calendar will indicate what information is missing for that particular day.

Submitting your Whereabouts.

Once the mini calendar no longer has any dates in red and the status bars of the whereabouts guide indicate you have met all of the requirements, you may submit your whereabouts information.

Using the Whereabouts SMS Service in ADAMS

Step 2: Enter your mobile number. Click [Save]

Step 3: Tick [Use SMS] chekbox.

Step 4: Click [Activate] button

Step 9: SMS Activated

First, you need to ensure that your Custodian organization allows SMS messages in ADAMS; if so, you must follow their guidelines.
There are no fees for using SMS with ADAMS. However your wireless carrier may charge international per-use fees. Some carriers and roaming services may not be entirely dependable; therefore we suggest performing a few tests before committing to a long-term plan.

To use the Whereabouts SMS service, you need to register and activate SMS for your mobile device from ADAMS:

  1. Click [My Profile], and then click [Edit] in your Athlete Profile page.
  2. Under Contact Details & SMS Setup, make sure your mobile telephone number is properly entered; otherwise click [add phone number], select the [Mobile] Phone type, and enter the Phone number (starting with country code) to be recorded for SMS service.(E.g. "15141234567", "44778155566"). Click [Save].
  3. Tick the [use SMS] checkbox. If the checkbox is not shown, then your organization does not support SMS. An Activate button will appear.
  4. Click the [Activate] button. A three digit activation code is sent from ADAMS to the mobile device being registered.
  5. Terms and Conditions and specific instructions will also appear for US-based mobile phone owners.
  6. Your mobile device will receive an SMS message from ADAMS Whereabouts containing a three-digit activation code.
  7. Reply via SMS with the three-digit activation code to ADAMS Whereabouts number.
  8. Your mobile device will receive an "Activation Confirmed" message from ADAMS Whereabouts.
  9. The status next to your mobile phone in ADAMS will show Activated.

    You may now SMS your last-minute whereabouts changes at
    +44 7781 480710. They will appear on your calendar as an attachment.

Download Word version here

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