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You can create, view, edit or delete whereabouts entries from any of the Whereabouts Calendar views, or from the List View. After submission of a whereabouts quarter it remains possible to make any modification to its whereabouts entries.

Whereabouts entries added to a team calendar by the team manager need to be validated by each individual athlete. The athlete can accept the entry as it was created (default), remove the team whereabouts entry from their calendar, or enter a 60-minute time slot on a team whereabouts entry. The athlete must then re-submit their whereabouts quarter. 

On this page:


Creating Whereabouts Entries

From the Whereabouts Calendar or List View, click the New button drop down arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select New Entry from the drop-down menu.

Tip: Clicking the New button instead of the arrow will have the same result.

You can also click any blank area on the calendar, on a current or future date, in order to create a whereabouts entry for that particular day.

Note: you can only create whereabouts entries if you have a write access to the athlete's (or team's) whereabouts calendar.

Whereabouts Entry on Multiple Dates

To create an entry for multiple contiguous dates, click and drag across the first and the last date of the series, then release the mouse button. The New Entry pop-up will then be displayed to create a recurring whereabouts entry for the selected date range.

Note: dragging is only available on the Monthly Calendar view.

To create an entry for multiple non-contiguous dates, hold down the Control key on your keyboard, while you click a blank area in each individual date. Releasing the Control key will display the New Entry pop-up. To add more dates to your selection, hold down the Control key again and click the additional dates; the pop-up will appear again once you release the Control key. The list of selected dates will be displayed in the Start Date, and the

Recurrence will be set as Specific Dates.

Note: control-clicking for multiple selections is only available on the Monthly Calendar view.
You can also create a whereabouts entry on multiple dates by clicking a single date on the calendar, then adding a recurrence to the entry. For more information, see the Recurrence field in the New Entry Pop-Up Section.

New Entry Pop-Up

The New Entry pop-up will be displayed. This pop-up is modal, which means that you must close it before you can return to the whereabouts page. To close it, click Save or Cancel, or click the close icon in the upper-right corner of the pop-up.

Enter the information for the whereabouts entry:

  • Address: select an address from the drop-down list. This list contains all addresses in the athlete's (or team's) address book, in alphabetical order of label. To add an address to the address book, select New Address from the drop-down list.

See also the section on Travel Whereabouts Entries.

  • Category: select one of the following categories to be assigned to this entry:
    • Competition: this category should be assigned to any competition held during the quarter.
    • Overnight Accommodation: this category refers to the location where the athlete would stay at the end of a given day: home, hotel, competition accommodation, etc.
    • Regular Activity: this includes any activity that recurs throughout the quarter: training activities, work, class, etc.
    • Other: this category can be used for any other type of whereabouts, as needed; for example: appointment, public appearance, etc.
  • Start Date, End Date and Recurrence: the date will be automatically filled if the entry is created by clicking a date on the calendar. If the entry is recurrent, select the recurrence pattern: either daily, weekly, specific dates or entire quarter:
    • Daily or weekly: this entry repeats from the first to the last date, inclusively;
    • Entire quarter: this option allows you to quickly define a whereabouts entry which recurs daily, from the first to the last day of the quarter. There is no need to select the start and end date for this option.
    • Specific Dates: this option lets you select specific days throughout the calendar for which the entry occurs. To select these days, click the calendar icon located on the right of the drop-down box, then select the days of the quarter for which this entry is applicable


    • Start Time, End Time and All Day: whereabouts entries should normally occur between 05:00 and 23:00. If the entry is valid for the entire day, you can click the All Day checkbox to indicate it.


  • Competition and Overnight Accommodation: these whereabouts entries do not require time parameters.
  • Minimum entry length: each entry must be at least one hour long.
  • Conflicting Entries: time periods for entries cannot overlap. However it is possible to create an All Day entry (for example, "Home All Day"), then add another entry which defines an exception ("Gym from 10:00-12:00").
  • 60-Minute Time Slot: you can add or remove a valid 60-minute time slot within the time period, and between 05:00 and 23:00. This time slot is the period during which the athlete is available for testing.
  • Additional Information: this field is initially carried from the Address Book entry.If you wish to update it, please click the Address Book link on the navigation bar, and then edit the corresponding Address Book entry. It would also be possible to modify the contents and attach it exclusively to the specific whereabouts entry, without affecting the Address Book entry; for further details, see the section Editing Whereabouts entries. 

Travel Whereabouts Entries

The International Testing Standard requires from an athlete included in a Registered Testing Pool, among other requirements, the full address of the place where the athlete will be residing overnight, and one 60-minute time slot where the athlete will be available for testing - for every day in a given quarter. In reality however, athletes may have extensive travel schedules that would preclude them from providing such information.

In some instances, it may not be possible to provide a fixed and accessible 60 minute period or an overnight accommodation address due to prolonged travel.  When flying overnight for example or when in transit between 5am and 11pm, providing a fixed one hour period or overnight location may not be practical.  Although you should make every effort to identify a 60 minute location when you will be available for testing between 5am -11pm, for those rare occasions when this is not possible please follow the steps below in order to be ‘exempt’ from these requirements.

It is not possible to change a travel whereabouts entry to a regular whereabouts entry, or vice versa. You should create a new whereabouts entry and delete the old one, should this be required.

Creating Travel Whereabouts Entries

To create a Travel Whereabouts Entry:

  • Create a new regular entry: click the New button at the top of the whereabouts page, or click any blank area on the calendar.
  • From the Address drop-down list on the New Entry pop-up, select Travel at the bottom of the list.

  •  A warning will be displayed. Should the travel circumstances be as described, you can click Confirm to continue, otherwise click Go Back to return to the New Entry pop-up.
  •  The New Travel Entry pop-up is displayed. This pop-up is also modal, which means that you must close it in order to return to the Whereabouts page.

  • Enter the information about your trip:
    • Transportation Type: select either Air, Ground or Other.
    • Carrier and Routing Number: these fields are shown only for certain transportation types (air, train, etc.) For a simple itinerary, enter the carrier (e.g. the airline) and the routing number (e.g. the flight number) for your trip. For a more complex itinerary, consider adding an attachment (for example a pdf document containing your itinerary) in addition to the travel entry.

  • Departure: indicate your point of departure: for example specific airport terminal, hotel for bus transportation, etc. This is the point where you get on board the major carrying vehicle.
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Arrival: indicate your point of arrival. This is the point where you deboard the vehicle.
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Details: you may include the details of your trip, or a note (e.g. "See attachment filename.pdf on date").
  • Click Save to create the travel entry, or Cancel (or the close icon, "x", in the upper-right corner), to cancel creation of the entry.
  • The Travel entry will be displayed on the calendar with a blue background color and a small, right-justified, airplane icon. It will either appear as an All Day entry – in the case of a Daytime Travel entry – or as an Overnight Travel entry – in lieu of the Overnight Accommodation entry.

Viewing Whereabouts Entries

You can click any whereabouts entry on the calendar or on the list to view it.

Clicking an entry brings up the View Entry pop-up. The pop-up displays all information for the selected entry.

You can select other options by clicking the following buttons at the bottom of the View Entry pop-up:

    • Edit: you can click this option to modify the whereabouts entry.
    • Delete: you can click this option to remove the whereabouts entry from the calendar.
    • Duplicate: you can click this entry to a copy of the whereabouts entry on a different date on the calendar.

Note: these options are only available if you have write access to the whereabouts calendar. Past whereabouts entries cannot be modified or deleted. 

Editing Whereabouts Entries

To edit a whereabouts entry, click the entry on the calendar (or list). On the View Entry pop-up, click the Edit button.

Note: these options are only available if you have a write access to the whereabouts calendar. Past whereabouts entries cannot be edited.

You can modify any of the fields in the Edit Entry pop-up. Please refer to the Creating Whereabouts Entries section for more details.

Initially, the text displayed in the field Additional Information on the Edit Entry dialog would be the contents of the Additional Information field on the Address Book entry, if any were present.  When modified, the new contents would be attached to the specific whereabouts entry.  The modification would not affect the Address Book entry, it would just override it whenever displayed.

 A message would be displayed in red, as shown below, whenever the value of the Additional Information field would be modified:


The Additional Information is added as a column on the Whereabouts Report.

 In any dialog and report showing the Additional Information field, the contents displayed is the one from the Whereabouts entry, unless it is blank - in which case, it is the contents from the address entry.  If the user deletes the Additional Information from a specific entry, then the blank value would override the Address Book entry for that specific entry.

Deleting Whereabouts Entries

(1). Deleting multiple whereabouts entries

It is possible to clear all whereabouts entries from one or more dates in the current quarter. The Clear Dates... button is added in the upper-right corner of the Calendar and List views, between the New and the Print buttons:


When clicked, the system displays the Clear Dates dialog:

You can indicate the period for which the whereabouts entries should be cleared. By ticking the entire quarter checkbox all quarter entries will be erased. 

In addition, any attachments pertaining to the selected period can be deleted, and even Team entries or Team attachments.

When Delete is pressed, a warning dialog is displayed:

When confirming the Delete, the system removes the entries from the selected dates and redisplays the calendar / list view. The cleared dates are marked as Modified/ Modified Today if the quarter were submitted.

(2). Deleting a single whereabouts entry

You can delete an entry from the whereabouts calendar, provided that you have a write access to the athlete's (or team's) calendar. You cannot delete past entries.
To delete a whereabouts entry, click the entry on the calendar (or list). Then click the Delete button located at the bottom of the View Entry pop-up.

On the List View, you can also delete an entry by clicking the Delete icon – displayed on the extreme right of each entry eligible for deletion.

Deleting a whereabouts entry will trigger a confirmation dialog.

Deleting an entry that is part of a recurrence will also display a confirmation dialog. In this case you will also be prompted to confirm if you wish to delete only this specific occurrence, or all occurrences in the series – excluding past entries.

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