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Apart from the new look and feel of the whereabouts component, other enhancements were introduced in ADAMS 3.0 to facilitate the entry of whereabouts, and to facilitate the entry of whereabouts in compliance with the IST requirements.

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Whereabouts Categories

Some whereabouts categories are renamed while others are slightly changed:

  • The Daily Overnight Residence category now becomes Overnight Accommodation. Entries are still shown on the calendar with an orange background and a lodging icon ( ). Overnight accommodation is defined as the place where the athlete will sleep at the end of a given day. Therefore, overnight entries always appear as the last entry on any given day on the calendar.
  • The Training category now becomes Regular Activities; entries are still shown on the calendar with a yellow background. Training whereabouts should therefore be entered as a Regular Activity. Regular Activities not only encompass training activities, but also other regular routines like work, school and rehab.
  • Competition: this category does not change.
  • The Other category is now shown with a grey background.
  • Travel is introduced as a special category. In some instances, it may not be possible to provide a fixed and accessible 60 minute period due to prolonged travel.  When flying overnight for example or when in transit between 5am and 11pm, providing a fixed one hour period or overnight location may not be practical.  Although you should make every effort to identify a 60 minute location when you will be available for testing between 5am -11pm, for those rare occasions when this is not possible please follow the steps below in order to be ‘exempt’ from these requirements.

Athletes are not required to enter travel plans in ADAMS if they are able to provide an accessible 60-minute time slot and overnight location for a certain day.

60-Minute Time Slot

60-minutes time slots are now shown on the whereabouts calendar with a clock icon ( ), on the entry to which they are attached. The start time of the 60-minute time slot is shown immediately to the left of the icon. It also appears in the 60-Min. column of the List View, and on the Whereabouts Details Report.

RTP athletes are still required as per the IST to enter only one 60-minute time slot per day. The 60-minute time slot should be attached to an entry occurring between 05:00 and 23:00. It is not possible to enter a one hour testing slot period for Travel entries, only for the categories Other, Regular activities Overnight Accommodation and Competition.

Recurring Entries

It is now possible to enter recurring entries in the calendar. These are shown on the calendar with a recurrence icon. ( )
Recurrence can be defined as one of the following values:

  • Daily: a start and end date must be selected;
  • Weekly: a start and end date, and at least one weekday, must be selected;

  • Entire quarter: same as daily, but automatically starts on the first, non-past date in the quarter, and ends on the last date in the quarter; start and end dates are disabled.
  • Specific dates: you can select any date on the calendar picker for any given month; start and end dates are disabled.

All-Day Entries

Competition entries are by default defined as an all-day activity. Only whereabouts falling into the Regular Activity and Other categories can be either defined as an all-day entry, or as an entry with a start and end time. The duration for any whereabouts entry must be at least 60 minutes.


 Attachments are still shown on the calendar as a paper clip icon, which appears in the upper-right corner of the day that it belongs to. Please refer to the Attachments section for more details.

"Modified" and "Modified Today" Icons

Once whereabouts are submitted, any change to a calendar day is tracked with the "Modified" and "Modified Today" icons. The icons appear in the upper-right corner of the day they belong to. They are shown as:

  •  An orange exclamation mark in a circle for days that were Modified after submission;

  • A red exclamation mark in a circle for days that were Modified Today – i.e. modified on the same day.

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