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From time to time you may encounter an error on the ADAMS system. The more information that can be compiled about the circumstances around the error the easier it is to track and fix it quickly. Here's what to do:

Collect Information

Therefore please take the time to submit the details.

  1. Right-click the red error text (not the "running man" picture)
  2. Select View source
  3. Save the .txt file
  4. Send an email to and attach the .txt file

Other Useful Information

  • What time the error occurred
  • What Internet browser you use
  • What operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, etc) you run
  • The speed of your Internet connection
  • Your user name (only Username, not Password) and Organization
  • What part of the screen the message was located in
  • It is useful to mention the series of actions that occurred before the error was encountered, for example: how you accessed the page where the issue occurred, which link or button was clicked,, what value was entered or selected from a drop-down, was the "Previous" or "Next" button of your browser used - those are usually not supported in ADAMS- etc. Does the error occur consistently, and if so, how can you recreate it?
  • Screenshot of the screen in error can also be useful.

Contact the ADAMS Help Desk

A Helpdesk is available to answer technical user queries about ADAMS. The Helpdesk, located in Québec, Canada, is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

  1. From North America dial: 1(866) 922-3267 (1-866-92-ADAMS)
  2. From outside North America dial: +1 (514) 904-8800

Should you require assistance outside of the helpdesk core hours please send an email at

Athlete Consent Agreement

The athlete consent agreement requires that you as the athlete "sign" the agreement with your birth date and password. The birth date is simply recorded in the athlete's activity grid; it is not compared against the birth date stored in the system.

However, you must enter the correct password to accept the agreement and login to ADAMS.

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