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The purpose of this function is to create and manage user roles in order to limit the pages that users can access (view or edit) in the system.

User Roles are assigned to system users when their User Account is set up. Each new organization created within ADAMS has a Default Business Role created automatically after which other user roles can be configured.

See Annex A: Description of ADAMS User Rights for a description of each user rights.

New user rights have been created: TUE Authorizer and Non Athlete Creator.

    • TUE Authorizer allows a user with this right to accept or reject a TUE. This right is not assigned to any user roles by default, and the administrator of the organization must assign it to a user.
    • Non athlete Creator allows a user to create non-athletes to keep track of any ADRV and sanctions they might have. This right is added to automatically to any user role which previously had the right athlete demographic writer.
    • Quick Search: This new right has been automatically granted to all roles who previously included the Search Athlete access right (except for the Laboratory users) – Search Athlete itself has not been modified. Users who are assigned a role containing the Search Athlete access right will see the Quick Search box in the upper-left area of the ADAMS page. The search options they will be able to use will depend on their other access rights: Athlete Search, TUE, Lab Results and Team/Group Management.

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