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This section allows Organization administrators to create different types of users.

1.Regular users: users of your organization that will use ADAMS on their daily work.

There are some special regular users:

  • Administrator user has full access to the Admin-module (separate login)
  • Doping Control Officers (DCO Users) are regular organization users with limited business roles and possibly limited access to specific groups of athletes.
  • Mission order participant
  • Team Manager

2. Athlete users: this user type has a restricted access:

  • Access to their profile
  • Read and Write access to their whereabouts
  • Read access to their Tests results (including biological passport results)
  • Submission and consultation of TUEs

3. Athlete agents:

  • Read access to the profile page
  • Read and Write access to the athlete whereabouts

4. Athlete doctors:

  • Can submit TUE on behalf of their athletes

5. Non-Athlete users: general approach as for regular users


Atypical account notifications

Since September 25th 2018, ADAMS send suspicious account email alerts to its users.

See Atypical Account Activities emails for further information.



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