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When an update record from the input file is successfully posted, the identified analytical result in ADAMS will be overwritten by the non-blank values of the update record in the file (if blank in the input file, then the original value in the database remains).

After applying the modifications, the updated record will be automatically Saved in ADAMS in the same and unaltered Lab result status. So, if the status of the Lab result was Not Submitted, Submitted or Partially Submitted, then this status will stay (an Update on a Cancelled record is not possible).

The common notifications will be generated, as well as an Activity in the activities tab to capture and record the batch update. The update will also be logged in the Batch Summary tab. Upon completion of the update, the 'Last updated' details on top of the Lab results page will reflect the date/time of the update and the user (organization) who performed the batch update.

Updates proposed for an analytical result that has the Cancelled status in the database or is locked due to a match with an associated DCF in ADAMS, will not be accepted and the update record will be rejected. Note that when the analytical result record is locked, it remains possible to add new information to it (such as a new analysis type, new substance, metabolite etc - see section Editing a Lab result), yet not to alter existing information.

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