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The Whereabouts Page

The Whereabouts page includes two basic components: the Quarter Area in the left column, and the Main Area of the page.

Main Area

The Main Area of the calendar displays the whereabouts information in one of the following views:

  • the Calendar View, which includes a monthly, weekly and daily calendar;
  • the List View;
  • the Submission History, and
  • the Notes and Activities View

The Quarter Area

The Quarter Area is shown in the left portion of the Whereabouts page. It allows you to navigate through the quarters, submit whereabouts for a quarter, select a period to be displayed in the Main Area, filter its whereabouts entries and to confirm the athlete's mailing address.


It features the following components:

  • Submission Area
  • Whereabouts Guide
  • Mailing address button
  • Filter Area
  • Mini-Calendar Area

The Submission Area

The Submission Area, located at the top of the Quarter Area, indicates the status of the quarter currently selected. The status is shown as Not SubmittedSubmittedNon-Compliant and Updated, with a short message when applicable:

  • Not Submitted: this is the initial status for any quarter, before whereabouts are submitted for the first time.
  • Submitted: indicates that whereabouts were submitted and that no further action is required.
  • Non-Compliant: A submitted Quarter will be set to non-compliant if the user makes a change to the calendar that results in the Quarter no longer abides to the submission rules.
  • Updated A submitted quarter will be set to Updated if the user makes any changes to the calendar but does not break any of the submission rules in doing so.

For RTP athletes: if the quarter is not submitted and no error is found, the Submit button is enabled to submit the quarter whereabouts. The same thing occurs whenever whereabouts entries are modified: the Submit button is enabled.

Clicking this link displays the Mailing Address dialog, which lets you select and confirm a mailing address for the quarter.

By default, the mailing address saved in the athlete profile is initially displayed in the Mailing Address dialog. Please refer to the Whereabouts Guide section for more details.

This link toggles the display of the Whereabouts Guide in the Main Area of the screen.

Please refer to the Whereabouts Guide section for more details.

The Filter Area

A collapsible Filter Area allows you to filter the entries displayed on the calendar. Simply click the Filter By header to expand or collapse the filter area.

By default, all entries are displayed in the whereabouts calendar. You can pick which types of entries will be displayed:

A Search box at the top of this section allows you to enter a search string. The filter is applicable to the monthly weekly daily and list views.

The Mini-Calendar Area

A collapsible Mini-Calendar Area allows you to see all three months of the quarter at a glance and navigate to specific dates.

  • (1) You can select any available whereabouts quarters from the quarter selection drop-down box at the top.
  • (2) The mini-calendar collapses automatically when the filtering area is expanded, and vice versa. To collapse or expand it, click the "-" or "+" icon in the upper-right corner.
  • (3) For RTP athletes, any day in the quarter which has errors (for example, a missing 60-minute time slot or Overnight accommodation entry) is shown in red in the mini-calendar. To display a short message indicating the nature of the error, simply place your cursor over the day in error.
  • (4) A yellow shade indicates the period displayed in the main calendar area – either a specific day, week or month.
  • You can click any day in the mini-calendar to display the corresponding month, week or day in the main calendar.
  • Repeatedly clicking the same day in the mini-calendar toggles the view in the main calendar: from monthly to weekly, weekly to daily and daily to monthly.

The Whereabouts Guide

For RTP Athletes

A Whereabouts Guide is available to assist RTP athletes with their whereabouts entry. It ensures that all whereabouts are entered in the calendar for a given quarter in conformance with the IST (International Standard for Testing).

By default, the Whereabouts Guide is displayed every time you access a current or upcoming whereabouts calendar of an RTP athlete. To disable the automatic display of the Guide, unselect the "Show this Guide…" checkbox shown in the Whereabouts Guide title bar.

The Whereabouts guide is displayed in the main area of the whereabouts page. It includes seven sections. Each section contains instructions on how to enter the required whereabouts information, as required by the IST:

  1. Introduction: this section introduces the Guide.
  2. Mailing Address: this section indicates how to enter and confirm the mailing address to be used in the course of the quarter. This mailing address will be used if there is a need to mail official communications to the athlete.
  3. Overnight Accommodation: this section indicates how to enter an overnight accommodation entry for each day in the quarter.
  4. Competition: this section indicates how to enter competition entries for the quarter.
  5. Regular Activities: this section indicates how to enter regular activities for the quarter.
  6. 60-Minute Time Slot: this section indicates how to assign a 60-minute time slot for each day in the quarter.
  7. Submission: this section provides instructions for submission of your whereabouts.

If any whereabouts requirement is not met in one of the sections, its header displays an error message.

Otherwise, a green checkmark indicating that the requirement has been met.

In addition to the error message in the headers of the whereabouts guide, you can also use the mini-calendar to quickly identify the days in error – shown in red.

The submit/resubmit button in the quarter area is not enabled until all requirements are met and all errors are fixed.

The Calendar View

The whereabouts Calendar View is shown in the main area of the Whereabouts page. In the Calendar View, you can:

  • View, create, edit and delete whereabouts entries

The Calendar View is displayed every time the Calendar View tab is selected.

 By default, the monthly calendar is displayed for the month in progress. You can display the weekly or daily view of the calendar by selecting the corresponding button at the top of the calendar.

You can also navigate to a different month, week or day within the same quarter by clicking the left and right arrows on either side of the calendar selection bar.

Calendar Presentation

Whereabouts calendars are displayed as a monthly, weekly or daily view:

All calendar views feature the same characteristics:

  • You can click a day or a whereabouts entry to create, view or modify the entry.
  • You can click the New button in the upper-right corner of the calendar page to create a new whereabouts entry – or click the arrow to create a new attachment. You can also click any blank area in the calendar to create a new entry.
  • You can print a copy of the Whereabouts Details Report by clicking the Print button in the upper-right corner.
  • The upper-right corner of the calendar page shows the user name who last updated the calendar, with the corresponding date and time.

  • Whereabouts entries are shown with the background color corresponding to their category: orange for Overnight Accommodation, green for Competition, yellow for Regular Activity, blue for Travel and grey for Other.

  •  The Overnight Accommodation and Travel entries are also shown with standard right-justified icons.

  • The Overnight Accommodation entries always appear as the last entry at the bottom of any given day.

  • Past days are shown with a grey background color. The whereabouts entries on past dates cannot be modified nor deleted.

  • Attachments are shown as a paper clip icon in the upper-right corner of each day; placing the mouse cursor over the icon will show you the file name of the attachment in a tooltip. Please refer to the section on attachments for more details.
  • The default first day of the calendar week is defined by your ADAMS Administrator. You can select either Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week by updating your user preferences.

This has no impact on other people's view of the same calendar. However, please keep in mind that other users may view their calendars with a different configuration than the one you are using.

To change your user preferences: Click the orange link with your name on the black taskbar, then select Monday from the "Start Day of the Week" radio button group.

For the Monthly calendar view:

  • When a given day contains more whereabouts entries that can be displayed, you can click the "more…" link to see a complete list of the whereabouts entries for that date.

  • Control-click: you can hold down the control key while clicking, to select a series of days when creating a whereabouts entry.
  • Dragging: you can also drag across a series of dates on the monthly calendar to create a recurring whereabouts entry.

For the Weekly and Daily calendar views:

  • The period outside the regular testing hours (05:00 to 23:00) is shown with a grey background.
  • Overlapping entries are shown side-by-side on the calendar.

The List View

To display the whereabouts List View, click the List View tab at the top of the Whereabouts page.

This view shows you a tabulated list of all whereabouts entries for a given quarter. It allows you to view, create, edit and delete whereabouts entries for the quarter. It also displays file and SMS attachments.

Like the Calendar views, the List View also features a Print button which allows you to print a copy of the Whereabouts Details Report.

Please refer to the Whereabouts Entries section for more information.

Submission History

The History tab contains a screenshot of the initial submission as well as all updates made to the whereabouts calendar after submission.

For the initial submission a hyperlink for each of the available months of the submitted quarter is available.  Clicking the hyperlink opens the static image of the submitted whereabouts month.

Each update made to the athlete quarter (adding, updating, and deleting a whereabouts entry, travel entry, team entry, attachment or SMS) generates an entry in this view.

Updates made prior to submission are not tracked.



Notes & Activities

To display the Notes & Activities view, click the Notes & Activities tab at the top of the Whereabouts page.

This view shows a list of all notes entered for a given quarter, and all activities generated by ADAMS:

  • Notes: any organization user in ADAMS, with the proper access to a given athlete's calendar can view or enter or delete notes for a given quarter.

  • Activities: ADAMS automatically generates records of significant activities for each quarter of an athlete's whereabouts; for example: whenever whereabouts are modified, or whenever team whereabouts are entered by a team manager.

Notes and activity entries can be read by the athlete and any user with the access to the whereabouts calendar – such as team managers.

Notes and activities can be signed, which means that they are locked and can no longer be modified. This is indicated by a small padlock icon ( ) in the last column of the list.

Activities generated by ADAMS are automatically locked and cannot be modified. To lock an entry, you must update it and sign it – i.e. enter your ADAMS password in the Signed field.

If a note contains an attachment, the last column will show a paperclip icon.

By default, the list of notes and activities is shown in descending chronological order - the most recent entries appear first. To change the order of entries on the list, click any column header; clicking the same header repeatedly alternates the sort order from ascending to descending, and vice versa.

The list is paginated. If more entries exist, you can display other pages by clicking the icons at the bottom of the page:

  • To go to the first page, click
  • To go to the previous page, click
  • To go to the next page, click
  • To go to the last page, click

Viewing a Note or Activity Entry

To view a note or activity, click the entry on the list of the Notes & Activities view. This will display the View Activity pop-up.

The pop-up shows the reference date and time, the type of entry, subject and body of the note. If the activity is not signed, and if you have write access to the Notes & Activities, you can click the Edit button to update it. See

Editing a Note Entry for more details.

A "Record Signed" caption appears at the bottom of the pop-up if the entry is signed (and therefore locked).


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