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Version 3.3


Request username and password from your ADO for you and/or your doctor

  • Send an email to your International Federation (IF) or National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) depending on your RTP level. The message must include your doctor name and contact details including email address

Log into ADAMS on the Internet.

  • Make sure that your pop-up blocker is disabled
  • Go to
  • Enter your new username and password
  • Click [login]
  • When you log in for the first time, an information form will appear.
    • Read the statement
    • Type your password to indicate your acknowledgment
    • Click [Accept]

Update your Profile and set your Preferences


  • Click [My Profile] for updating your profile if required
  • To set your Preferences click on your name displayed at the right top in the header on the Home page
  • Adjust your Password, select your Language, indicate whether you want to receive notifications on your email address (as set in your profile) if desired
  • Click [Save] to save your modifications

Open your TUE form

  • Expand the New drop down and select TUE:
  • Complete the mandatory fields (with *)
  • RTP information
  • physician details
  • diagnosis
  • medication
  • attachment (Medical file)
  • Save, review your information

    The save option is a draft only available to you.
    You will not be able to modify any data once you submit your application.
    Your IF and NADO will only see your TUE application once you submit your application.
    Click Submit Application
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