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a. Sport/Discipline: this field is copied from the athlete sport identity tab. If it is empty please review the sport/discipline tab of the athlete

b. Next competition and date: To be filled if the TUE is for a specific event

c. Sporting organization: the organization to which the TUE is submitted

d. Information about your Physician: Information about the doctor prescribing the medication.

e. Medical Information: Diagnosis information

                  i.    Diagnosis: List of most frequently used diagnosis. If the athlete is not listed select “other please specify” and enter details in the Diagnostic description field (mandatory in this case).

                 ii.    Diagnosis Class: this field will be filled automatically when you select a Diagnosis.  If you select “Other, please specify” from the Diagnosis list, then you will have to select a value from the Diagnosis Class list.

                iii.    Diagnosis description: if you selected the “Other, please specify” diagnosis, this field must give an accurate description of the diagnosis.

                iv.    Medical Exam/Test Performed: list medical tests and exams performed for the diagnosis

                 v.    Additional information: any additional information about the medical condition

f. Medical Information:

v. Specific name of drug: medication name

vi. Frequency of administration: frequency of administration of the medication

vii. Dates of administration: dates of applying the drug

viii. Prohibited substance: name of the prohibited substance, as per the WADA prohibited list, included in the medication. You can add as many prohibited substance as you need.

To pick a substance: enter the first 3 letters and press the magnifying class. The system will list the corresponding substance for you to choose from.

ix. Dosage: dosage of the prohibited substance

x. Route of administration: medication route of administration. This field must be filled only after you have entered the prohibited substance as it may vary based on the substance.

xi. Condition and Comments: any comments about the medication you would like to add.

xii. Add medication: you can add as many medications as you need

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