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  1. Login and Click New Lab result

2. Enter the following information:

  a. Fill in the Sample Code. Enter a Lab reference number and Mission Order number if relevant.

  b. Enter the sample collection date and the sample type, specify A or B sample.

  c. Fill in the country, region and city for the sample collection.

  d. Enter the date the sample was received at the Lab, the mandatory SCA and the Testing Authority. The analysis date and time can be entered.

  e. Select who should be notified with the results in the Send results to box.

  f. Select the test type – In or Out of Competition.

  g. Fill in the Sport. This field is populated by searching for the relevant sport from a database. Enter at least three letters from the desired sport name.

  h. Click on the magnifying glass icon to search.

  i. Select your Sport/Discipline from the pop up window.

  j. Select the test result: "ATF".

  k. Change the status to "Submitted" (provide a reason in Status reason)

3. Add the T/E ratio information:

    1. Select any relevant Analysis type you performed (in case of GC/C/IRMS indicate the conclusion)
    2. Click Add Substance
    3. Select the following:
      1. Substance class: S1B. Endogenous AAS
      2. Substance:
        1. Choose "T/E ratio > 4" to report T/E ratio values; enter the determined T/E ratio and select X:1 as measure
        2. Choose "testosterone" to report elevated testosterone values; enter the relevant value and measure.
    4. Under Analysis Details/Explanation/Opinion indicate any additional details as per the ISL
    5. Enter the Date reported
    6. Save

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