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Submission Deadline

Whereabouts must be submitted before the beginning of a new quarter.

A few weeks before the start of the next quarter, a message will appear in the MyZone page of athlete users.


Athlete agent users will receive a similar message on their MyZone page.

For athlete agent users, a flag icon next to the athlete ADAMS ID indicates which athletes have un-submitted whereabouts.

In addition to the messages described above, ADAMS sends a notification to the athletes who are included in a National or International Testing Pool and their agents, to remind them of the submission deadline. That notification appears in the Message Center of the user. If the user's profile contains an email address, then the notification is also sent as an email message.

The deadline for entering whereabouts is defined by the administrator of each organization. It can be a number of days before the beginning of the quarter, or a specific day of the month prior to the quarter. Likewise, the number of days prior to the deadline, which marks the moment when ADAMS displays the reminder messages and sends the notifications, is defined by the administrator. Finally, the administrator can determine whether or not to send the reminder email messages.

Error Conditions

ADAMS validates whereabouts requirements for athletes included in a National or International Registered Testing Pool. (See Introduction).

Should one or more of the following elements be missing, then an error message will be generated:

  • Overnight accommodation 
  • 60-min
  • Regular activities
  • Competition
  • Mailing address
  • (Overlap with travel entries)
  • Submission reminder: a whereabouts submission reminder will appear when the current Quarter or next Quarter for the athlete is “Not submitted” or “Incompliant” and the date is within the Send notification period set by the custodian organization. If the organization has no Send notification date set; the whereabouts reminder will start appearing 15 days prior to submission deadline.

In addition, if the user moves away from the ADAMS 3.0 window without submitting, or after making making changes to the whereabouts calendar that left some errors, ADAMS will remind him/her to submit/verify the quarter (applicable to the current and next quarter). The user will have the option either to Stay on the page or to Leave the page.

Quarter statuses

 Not submitted

 This is the initial status of the quarter. It remains in this state until the user successfully submits the Quarter.



 The whereabouts will be in this state after the user has successfully submitted the Quarter. The submit button will then be removed from the calendar.



 A submitted Quarter will be set to non-compliant if the user makes a change to the calendar that results in the Quarter no longer abides to the submission rules.



 A submitted quarter will be set to Updated if the user makes any changes to the calendar but does not break any of the submission rules in doing so.


 If the status of the quarter is Non-Compliant due to errors in the current calendar day (today), then on the next day, the status of the quarter will be set automatically to “Updated”.

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