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Organizations use ADAMS to manage data records, such as athlete profiles, TUEs, Whereabouts, Mission Orders, Tests, etc.

Each record is, by default, owned by the organization which created it, but it may be accessible by other organizations according to documented business rules. For example, a Mission Order created by WADA which specifies CCES as the sample collection agency (SCA) is accessible by CCES.

Athlete profiles can also be shared explicitly among organizations. When using the sharing functionality, it must be noted that it does not supersede any existing rules, rather has the possibility of giving users additional access.

Organizations can share access to the following record types:

  • Athlete profile
  • Blood passport
  • Whereabouts
  • Doping Control Forms
  • Anti-Doping Test Records
  • Mission Orders

Throughout this document, the organization which shares the access to its data is referred to as the "source organization".

The organization which is being granted access will be called the "target organization".

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