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For a share on data to take place, the source organization's administrator must set up a share between itself and the target organization.

This is done by clicking the Source Organization Relationship link on the administrator's myZone page. They will then be directed to this page:

From this page, the admin can search/edit any existing share it might have by clicking on the target organization's name, as well as creating new ones by clicking the add button. A popup with the fields to edit will then appear.

  • Target organization: the organization which will gain access to the data
  • Start Date: Date when the target organization will begin to have access through sharing (blank field means sharing is effective immediately)
  • End Date: Date when the target organization will lose access (blank field means there is no end date for sharing)
  • Entity type: type of data entity which will be shared with the target organization.
    Possible entity types are: Athlete Profile, Hematological Module, Steroidal Module, Whereabouts, DCF, Anti-Doping Test, Mission Order, TDP (Test Distribution Plan).
  • Right: specifies what the target organization can do with the record types they gain access through sharing.
    • Organization read – target can only view shared data
    • Organization write – target can edit shared data
  • User Groups: specifies the group(s) of athletes for which the data will be shared.


As of ADAMS 3.2, User Groups will be mandatory for any access right defined in the Source Organization Relationship option. Any access right existing prior to ADAMS 3.2 without a user group will be disabled. To extend the access rights granted to other organizations, please add at least one athlete group to these access rights, change the end date, and save.

The administrator can also delete any share by clicking on the "x" icon.

This will end the share effective immediately.

An automatic activity will be created when a share is created and when it is deleted to track periods of record accessibility.

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