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The Security tab displays the list of the organizations that have access rights to your ADAMS file, and also indicates which organization has a 'whereabouts custodial' role for you as an athlete within the system. If the custodial organization changes for some reason, you will receive a system generated notification, (assuming you have an ADAMS user account). As well, each time an organization is added or removed from your access list, a notification will be sent.

In release 3.2, within the framework of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) the concept of a Passport Custodian organization has been introduced.

You will be assigned a Passport Custodian: by default this is the International Sports Federation (IF) in charge of your sport. If the IF doesn’t have an Active status in ADAMS, the NADO associated with your sport nationality will assume the Passport Custodian role (provided they are Active in ADAMS). If neither your IF(s) nor your NADO has an Active ADAMS status, there won’t be a Passport Custodian attributed to you in ADAMS.


This tab also displays any other non athlete personnel entered into ADAMS as an agent or representative for you. This might be your coach, trainer, manager, relative or medical practitioner. Each time a so-called athlete representative is added and linked to you as an athlete, ADAMS will generate and send a notification to you.

This tab also displays your Athlete doctors: Doctors with a proper username can login ADAMS and help you entering your TUEs. These Athlete doctors will have limited access to your data, but they can be granted access by your custodian organization to enter TUE data on your behalf.

To have any content changed, please contact your custodial organization.

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