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You can create a series of DCF in one step, for many athletes in a Mission Order, by using the Quick DCF button located in the Complete Status tab of the Mission Order.

Please note that the Quick DCF is only displayed to users with proper access rights.

To use the Quick DCF feature:

  1. Edit the Mission Order and select the Complete status tab.

2. Select the athletes for whom you wish to create a DCF, by ticking the checkbox on the left of their name in the list. You can also tick the checkbox on the top row to select all athletes in the list.

3. Click the Quick DCF button. This opens the Quick DCF window and displays the list of selected athletes:

4. Select one sample type per athlete or if multiple samples were collected click "display all samples" and enter the information for each selected sample type.

a. Sample Type: Select from the dropdown;

b. for urine samples, the specific gravity (s.g.);

c. Sample Code;

d. Sample Type, either in-competition or out-of-competition;

e. Date of Test;

f. Athlete Level

g. Testing Authority (TA);

h. Sample Collection Authority (SCA), and

i. Lab

You can also click the plus sign (+) next to the athlete name – or to the left of the Show all fields caption – to display additional fields

j. Time of Collection;

k. Result Management Authority (RMA);

l. for urine samples, Volume;

m. for urine samples, pH;

n. depending on the sample type, checkboxes corresponding to the type of analyses.

5. Click the Create DCFs for the selected athletes button. The DCFs will be created for all valid entries on the list. If an entry contains any field in error, it will be highlighted and you will be prompted to make a correction before the DCF is created.

6. Once created, you can view a DCF by clicking its link in the DCF column (showing the DCF status, "Complete – Sample(s) collected") in the Complete status tab of the Mission Order.

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