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  1. A saved BP Lab result ("Not submitted") may be edited in order to submit as a complete record.
  2. Search for the BP Lab Result you wish to post. (Refer to the Search section above).
  3. Select the relevant lab result.
  4. Click on the Edit button. The page will reload in Edit Mode.
  5. Change the status to Submitted. The system requires verification of the status change by requiring a "reason for the status change" in the Reason text box below the Status field.

6. Click on the Save button.


 It is important to note that once the BPLR is submitted by the lab everything in the lab result is still editable by the lab until the lab result gets matched with a DCF form by the TA, viz. the sample code and result get matched with the sample code and athlete name on the DCF.


Submission of a lab result does not imply an actual transmission, but merely that the submission details are stored in the database allowing the TA e.g. to retrieve these details from the database thereafter. Submission triggers an automatic notification to be sent to the TA, WADA and the IF in charge of the sport/discipline (for AAFs, if IF different from the TA).


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