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In principle, each Athlete with a passport in ADAMS has a Passport Custodian. The Passport Custodian has the responsibility of results management via its APMU.

Since Release 3.7, this responsibility is assigned to the Testing Authority that of the first DCF entered in ADAMS with the status “complete- sample(s) collected”.

If the Testing Authority of the first DCF entered in the system is nor the IF nor the NADO of the athlete (i.e. Major Event Organizer), the athlete’s Passport Custody is assigned to his IF.

The Passport Custodian organization is able to grant "read access" to other ADOs and to transfer the passport custody of the athlete to another organization upon agreement.
If neither the IF nor the NADO of an Athlete are active in ADAMS, then the Athlete will not have a passport in ADAMS.

Passport Custodians are also able to reset their Athletes' BPID either because the Athlete is returning to competition after suspension or because the BPID is unable to guarantee the anonymity of the Athlete. The options will be to either carry over the current passport data to a new BPID or to create a new blank passport. In any case it will be possible to restrict the access to a retired passport to only their organization users in order to maintain anonymity.

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