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The Messages link allows you to receive and review messages and notifications sent either by other ADAMS users or generated automatically by the system. You might receive a message from an Anti Doping Organization or from your sport federation; also the system will generate notifications to remind you of overdue whereabouts submissions, Therapeutic Use Exemptions having been approved or rejected.

My Whereabouts

From the My Whereabouts link you can review existing whereabouts details or create and submit new whereabouts information. You might also receive warnings if the submitted whereabouts do not meet the set Whereabouts requirements. When clicked on the link or any of the quarters displayed to the left side of the screen, a new window will open with the whereabouts guide and the quarter's calendar.


Whereabouts must be submitted before the beginning of a new quarter.

Four weeks before the start of the next quarter, a message will appear in your MyZone page.

My Profile

The My Profile link allows you to view and update your demographic profile, keeping all contact address and telephone details accurate and current.

It is recommended to enter your email address in the Contact Details section. Should you ever forget your password, you can use the "Forgot password" link to have a temporary password sent to this email address. Please ensure that your email address is current at all times; you can test it by clicking the "Email" button.

My Recent Tests

Using the My Recent Tests link you are able to review the results of any recent doping tests along with contact information of the relevant Results Management Authorities.

Useful Links

There is also a link to the World Anti Doping Agency's website and there may be other useful web links added to this area.

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