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A Mission Order is a request for multiple sample collections. For example, your organization may wish to test several athletes who participate in a given competition.

The Mission Order process allows you to plan, organize and manage this operation. You can for example manage the DCO, print letters of Authority and send lab analysis request forms for athletes included in the Mission Order.

Within a Mission Order, the Testing Authority, Sample Collection Authority and Results Management Authority need to be indicated; they apply to all the samples specified in the Mission Order.

A few definitions

  • Testing Authority (TA): This is the organization responsible for Sample Testing either In-Competition or Out-of-Competition and/or for management of the test result. It may be the International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency, an International Federation, a National Sport Organization, a National Anti-Doping Organization, a National Olympic Committee, a Major Event Organization, or other authority defined by the Code.
  • Sample Collection Authority (SCA): This is the organization responsible for collecting samples.
  • Result Management Authority (RMA): This is the organization responsible for management of the test results (deafults to the Testing Authority)

To access the Mission Order module, click the Mission Order Management link on the My Zone page:

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