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Please note that some operations in this module give read and write permission on the athlete file to another ADO. It is therefore the responsibility of the primary custodian to verify the identity of the requesting organization.

The Custodian is in charge of the following:

  • Updating the athlete profile
  • Creation/Management of the athlete user account
  • Update athlete whereabouts

To manage access to athletes and non-athletes:

  1. In the "Manage access to athletes and non-athletes" screen, search for athlete(s) using any combination of criteria:

2. Select the athlete(s) using the selection checkbox (es).

3. Select the "Operation to selected results" from the drop down list (see below for details).

4. To/From: Select organization name in the search list. (If the organization does not appear in the list, please send an email to with the organization details.)

5. Enter a reason for the operation and click Apply.

6. Wait for the message "Operation executed with success!" before you navigate away from the page.

The following operations can be selected:

  • Move custodian: This option transfers the custodianship of an athlete to another ADO. It is up to the primary custodian to decide on how to verify the identity of the organization requesting the transfer. [The keep rights checkbox can be disregarded, as it no longer has a function].

  • Move passport custodial: this transfer the passport custody of the selected athlete to another ADO.

Note that your organization will lose access to the athlete passport.

  • Set explicit access: the selected organization will gain access to the athletes selected even if they otherwise wouldn't have access. (If the organization used to have an explicit deny, it will be removed).

  • Set explicit deny access: the selected organization will not have access to an athlete, even if they would otherwise have access through some automatic access rule. (If the organization used to have an explicit access, it will be removed).

  • Clear explicit access rules: the athlete is no longer explicitly accessible or denied to the organization. Any access granted/removed would be through any automatic access rules.

  • Remove access to user who created athlete: by default in ADAMS when a user creates an athlete they have an explicit access to the athlete. This is to prevent a user from creating an athlete and then immediately losing access to it. This option then removes that user from having an explicit access to the athlete. They will only be able to view that athlete because they have the rights to view them and not just because they were the creator.

For example, let's say USER A has the rights to only deal with hockey athletes, but for whatever reason they create a skating athlete. Because they were the creator, they will always have access to this athlete, even though they do not have the rights to access skating athletes. By selecting the option to remove access to user who created athlete, USER A will no longer be able to access this athlete.

  • Disable whereabouts webservice: this option is not activated.

To verify any access operation:
Click on the Access list to verify all organizations with access to the athlete:


1.login as a regular user

2. Search for the athlete

3. Click on the "Security" tab

4. The primary Organization is your custodian

5. The other ADO organizations displayed also have access


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