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Enter the ADAMS address in the URL box of your browser:

IMPORTANT: Always include the "s" in the https part of the site address.

The first time you access ADAMS, it is recommended to type the address as shown above, instead of clicking a URL hyperlink from a document. Clicking a hyperlink may have caused access issues in the past on some specific platforms and browsers.

The ADAMS Login

  1. Enter the Username and Password you received from your ADAMS custodian organization and click the login button to enter the site

    Make sure that your CAPS LOCK key is not activated when you enter your password. If it is, a pop-up will remind you to turn it off
  2. Enter the One-Time Password received either via SMS or generated by your App. Instructions to setup your Two-Factor Authentication can be found here
  3. Click Login


Providing contact details

As of March 13th, and following a successful login, ADAMS will be requiring all users to provide an email address and optional mobile phone number. The purpose being:

-         To ensure that all users are able to request a temporary password from the system rather than having to contact their organization administrator (email).

-         To provide an additional login method should users forget the answers to their Personal Verification Questions (PVQ) (Mobile phone number).

Providing your email address or mobile number


Validating your email address or mobile phone number

The user's contact details available on the athlete profile or ADO user account must be validated as per instructions hereunder.

It is possible for each user to update the information using the "Edit" button on the contact validation page.

Alternate login options (only for users with two-factor active)

With a validated mobile phone number, users will be offered to received a one-time password via SMS should they forget the answers to their Personal Verification Questions (PVQ).

  1. On the security question page, click the "Alternate login option" link
  2. Select the option available. (the validation code is valid for 24 hours)


          The temporary password is valid one time for 24 hours




Problems Logging In

Incorrect Username / Password

If you enter an incorrect username and password combination once or twice, ADAMS will display an error message:

Temporary Lock

If you enter an incorrect username and password combination at least three times in a row, ADAMS will lock you out for 60 minutes and display a message suggesting that you use the Forgot Password link:

During that temporary lock period, entering the correct password will not work. However, you may contact your custodian organization or request a temporary password – see below.

Permanent Lock

If you enter an incorrect username and password combination at least nine times in a row, ADAMS will lock you out "permanently". At this stage you will have to contact your ADAMS custodian organization to have your password reset. The temporary password will not work if you are permanently locked out.

Forgotten User Names

Contact your ADAMS custodian organization if you forgot your ADAMS username.

Forgotten Passwords

You can click the "Forgot Password" link at the bottom of the ADAMS Login page, which will display the Forgot Password page:

If you forget your password, you have two options:

1. Request a Temporary Password: If your ADAMS profile contains your email address, you can request a temporary password through email. Simply enter your username and email address – the same as the one saved in your ADAMS profile – in the upper section of the screen, then click the submit button:

ADAMS will then send you an email containing a temporary password, which you must use within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes of submitting the request, verify your spam blocker if any – since the ADAMS email could have been intercepted – then contact your ADAMS custodian organization.

2. Contact your ADAMS custodian organization: Your ADAMS custodian organization can reset your status in ADAMS, and issue a new password if required. If your custodial organization is a NADO or a National Federation, you can find their coordinates in the lower section of the Forgot Password page: select the country from the drop-down box; if the organization is a National Federation, click the NF radio button, search the sport and discipline (enter a few letters and click the magnifying glass), select the sport and discipline; then click the search button:

Changing the Password

ADAMS will prompt you to change your password:

  • If you login to ADAMS with a temporary password, or
  • On a regular basis, for security purposes.

You can also change your password from the User Preferences. Please see the Users Preferences / Password Change section for more details.

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