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This page gives an overview of lists of specific codes that are used within ADAMS, useful for example when athlete profiles or Lab results are imported in ADAMS.

  • Sports / Disciplines
  • Organization short names
  • Country/regions
  • Diagnosis/classes
  • Substances

    Substance classes S1.1A/B merged as of 1 Jan 2020

    Note: In the Prohibited List 2020 the substance classes S1.1A Exogenous AAS and S1.1B Endogenous AAS are joined into one class S1.1 Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). The substance class S1.1 contains the substances from the classes S1.1A/B: the specific codes are maintained, which means that as a Lab you may continue to use the specific codes in your batch Import/Update files as they were valid for the classes S1.1A/B. Should you however after 1 Jan 2020 want to update an existing result containing a substance of class S1.1A/B, make sure to specify the appropriate suffix _1A or _1B.

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