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If the athlete is *not* included in a Registered Testing Pool, continue with Step 8 below. Non-RTP athletes are not required to enter whereabouts as per the IST. However they should follow your organization's requirements, if any.

To enter whereabouts in ADAMS for an athlete:

Click any of the quarters displayed in the left side of the screen or click "My whereabouts" link:


1. This will open a new window showing the Whereabouts information.

2. The Whereabouts Guide will appear in the new window; you can also click the Whereabouts Guide Link in the left area of the screen (the "Quarter Area") to toggle its display on and off.

To select and confirm a mailing address for the quarter (used by your Anti-Doping / Sports Organization to contact you whenever necessary), click the Mailing Address tab in the Quarter Area; next, in the Mailing Address dialog, select a mailing address from the drop-down list, click the "I confirm…" checkbox, then Save.


The mailing address link will turn "green" once it has been confirmed. 

3. If the athlete has no competitions for the quarter, select the Competition – Step 4 of the Guide – and click the link in the section header ("Click here if you have no Competition this quarter."). In the Missing Whereabouts dialog, click the I do not have any competition checkbox, provide a reason and then Save.


4. If the athlete has no regular activities (such as training) for the quarter, select the Regular Activities – Step 5 of the Guide – then click the link and follow the same instructions as in the previous step.

5. To start creating a whereabouts entry, click the Go to Calendar button in the upper-right corner of the Guide, or

6. Click any non-past date in one of the mini calendars to the left.


Once in the calendar view, click the "new" button and select "New Entry", or

Click any blank, non-past date in the calendar

In the New Entry pop-up, select an address (or create a new one as indicated in the address book section) and a category; enter the recurrence information and a 60-minute time slot if applicable, then click Save.

7. Repeat this step until all days in the quarter have an overnight accommodation entry – shown at the bottom of each day with an orange background.

You may assign your 60-minute time slot to your overnight accommodation, if you wish.

Travel Entry: In some instances, it may not be possible to provide a fixed and accessible 60 minute period due to prolonged travel.  When flying overnight for example or when in transit between 5am and 11pm, providing a fixed one hour period or overnight location may not be practical.  Although you should make every effort to identify a 60 minute location when you will be available for testing between 5am -11pm, for those rare occasions when this is not possible please follow the steps below in order to be ‘exempt’ from these requirements.

Complete the information as it may correspond.


All travel entries will be shown in the calendar with a "plane" icon.

8. Repeat as in step 7 to enter all competition whereabouts of the athlete for the quarter, if any.

You may assign your 60-minute slot to your competitions, if you wish. All your competitions will be shown in the calendar in "green".

9. Repeat as in step 7 to enter all regular activities whereabouts of the athlete for the quarter, if any.

You may assign your 60-minute slot to your regular activities, if you wish. All regular activities will be shown in the calendar in "yellow".


Attachments: You can indicate additional details for your whereabouts, such as hotel or training schedules; however, this does not replace the need to complete the above indicated categories. To make an attachment, click the "new" button and select "new attachment"

Provide a name for the attachment, indicate a date (an attachment is valid for a single day only); then select a file from your computer and save.

Attachments will be shown as a paper clip icon

To view or edit the attachment, click the paper clip icon

10. Once all whereabouts entries are created, make sure that all days in the quarter have a 60-minute time slot (shown as a small clock icon on the right of the entry).

To add a 60-minute time slot to an entry, click the entry; in the pop-up, click the checkbox and enter the start time, then save.

11. Review the mini-calendar on the left: all dates with invalid or missing data will be highlighted in red.

Placing the cursor above the date will display a message indicating the error(s).

The whereabouts guide also provides information on what is missing. All "errors" are displayed with a red icon

Click the date to display it on the main calendar and fix the error. Once you have entered all the information, click the submit button. If you cannot click it, that means that there is still some missing information.

12. Submission: Once all data is entered and all errors are fixed, click the Submit button

Once that you have successfully entered and submitted your whereabouts information, the status will be shown as submitted

Modifications: After you have submitted your whereabouts information, you may edit it at any time. Just select the entry you want to modify and click "edit"; make the required change and save. The modified entries will appear with an orange exclamation mark icon

If the modification is made the same day of the occurrence, then the exclamation mark icon will be red.

All updates done to the calendar will become effective immediately. The status of the quarter is updated accordingly:

  • Updated: if all modifications are compliant with the whereabouts requirements.
  • Non-Compliant: if calendar is not compliant with the whereabouts requirements.



For more information:

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