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You can edit an entry in your address book. Just click any entry on the list to bring up the Edit Address pop-up.

You can make changes to any address field, then click Save. Otherwise, clicking Cancel or the close icon (x) in the upper-right corner will cancel any change and close the pop-up.

The mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk next to their label. The Label field must be unique; if it already exists in the address book, an error message will ask you to change it.

If the original address was used in past whereabouts entries, then it will remain in the address book; the label of the old address will automatically be appended a numeric suffix to differentiate it from the current version. Past whereabouts entries cannot be changed.

For example, if you change an address labeled "Home" from "123 First Street" to "456 Second Street" and save:

  • If the "123 First Street" address was used in past whereabouts, it will be retained in the address book; its label will automatically be changed to "Home-1" (or "Home-2", etc.);
  • The "456 Second Street" address will be saved in the address book with the label "Home".

If the address is used in upcoming whereabouts entries, you will be asked to confirm whether or not those whereabouts entries should be modified as well:

Clicking Confirm will automatically change the address on all upcoming whereabouts entries in the calendar.

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