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Athlete profiles can be created by Anti-Doping Organizations or their Delegated Third Party. Upon submission of the record, ADAMS will check for possible duplicates and either:

  • Create the record
  • Prevent its creation because of a high probability of duplication. In this case, the list of potential duplicates is displayed for selection by the user; should none of the suggested records correspond to your search, contact the ADAMS team at with the required information to request its creation.
  1. Click the New Person button in the Quick Search area.

2. The Demographic tab will appear with a blank record displayed. By default the system assumes you are adding a new athlete. Fields with a red asterisk * are mandatory.

    1. Last name
    2. First name
    3. Gender: Male, Female, Unknown

IDs: IF, NF and NADO: these IDs are each organization reference number. International federations of an athlete can edit the IF ID# field of the athlete even if they do not have edit rights on the rest of the page. In this case, only the IF ID# field will be editable. The user can type the ID and then press <Enter> to save it.

Similarly, National Anti-Doping Agencies of an athlete can edit the NADO ID# field in the same way.

The Accreditation # field is blank when creating a new athlete record. This number can only be set by the ADAMS or Major Game administrator.

d. Date of birth: format dd-mm-yyyy.


e. Preferred name

f. Former last name: maiden name

g. Nationality: the athlete nationality. An athlete can have multiple nationalities

h. Sport nationality: the country for which the athlete is playing. Even with multiple nationalities an athlete always plays for only one country. Based on this field the NADO of that country will get automatic access to the record. For example if an athlete with the French Nationality plays for a UK Team his sport nationality should be UK.

i. Disability: to list athlete disability

j. Disability class: list of disability classes

k. Contact details: Athlete phone number and email address. The email address must be completed to allow the athlete to use the "forgot password" functionality.

l. Mailing information

The address indicated here is the same that will be selected by default in the whereabouts "Mailing Address".

m. Sport/discipline: enter the first 3 letters of the sport and the system will show the list of available disciplines. Sport discipline is a mandatory field. If a sport does not have disciplines, please select the same sport name as the discipline.

n. The relevant International Federations are automatically listed in the International Federation dropdown

o. Relevant National Federations are also automatically listed, and based on the combination of Sport Nationality and sport|discipline. If they are not, please send the details to so that it can be entered.

p. Test pool

      1. Select the relevant test pool: International, National or Other.Note: National and International level athlete have to comply with the IST for the whereabouts submission (Quarterly submission, mandatory overnight accommodation and one hour testing slot)
      2. Select the ranking: risk factor from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. This field is used when the system is doing random testing searches (from the Mission Order page)
      3. Enter the test pool start and end date

q. Save


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