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The auto-complete functionality, using the sample code number, copies all the Doping Control fields into the Lab result:

  • Mission order number
  • Sample collection date
  • country
  • region
  • city
  • Sample Collection Authority
  • Testing Authority
  • Result Management Authority
  • test type (in/out of competition)
  • sport/discipline
  • gender of the athlete


  1. Create a new bp lab result
  2. Fill in the Sample Code [a check on possible duplicates is made]
  3. Press the Auto-complete button. If the BP Lab result is not yet matched or cancelled, and a corresponding DCF sample is found, the fields from the DCF are copied into the page
  4. Verify that the data copied is accurate
  5. Enter the date the sample was received by the Lab
  6. Enter any other additional information


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